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Not yet Uhuru in Surulere as Omo Onile still holds sway despite law against practice

For residents of Surulere community who are poised to ensure the community is well developed by attending to basic developmental needs of the area, the activities of street urchins parading themselves as ‘Omo Oniles’ is frustrating their efforts. According to a Surulere resident, Omo Oniles stormed Enitan Street, Aguda, Surulere, on

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Omo Onile give quit notice to residents of Government housing estate Egbeda

Residents of Millennium Housing Estate Egbeda Akonwonjo are calling on Governor Ambode  to intervene as Omo Onile (Land owners) are threating to take over their homes. According to a resident, the Omo Oniles' came heavily armed to the estate yesterday October 1st, 2015 around 12pm threatening the entire neighbourhood and claiming ownership of the estate.  It is also reported

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