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Beware! Expired imported products in circulation

With the current economic situation and the dwindling naira against the dollars resulting in the rising cost of imports, there is strong indication that most foreign products in circulation are not fit for consumption. This is due to reported modification of both the date of manufacture and expiry date of

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Read the alarming rate of drug abuse among youths at Ikeja under bridge

By Idris Aina The ever busy Ikeja under bridge which is popular for the buying and selling of all kinds of things including phones, computers, accessories and fashion accessories is gradually becoming a hub for drug abuse among the young people. A recent visit by InsideMainland correspondent shows that out of 10

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Eyesore! An unbelievable dirty ogogoro factory found in Iyana Oworo

Behold, the sorry state of a local gin and beverage manufacturing company located at Iyana Oworo. Ezinne Udemadu Azunna a facebook user posted the photos and wrote; "These pictures are those of a wine and alcohol manufacturing factory in Iyana Oworo, Lagos. When asked about the dirty environment, the MD declared

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