Quarter by Quarter Unconventional New Year Resolutions for 2023

INSIDEMAINLAND – Dear Friends, Happy New Year! We wish you a rewarding and fulfilling year ahead. 

As expected, everyone around the world had ushered 2023 as clean slates yearning to be filled with achievements, milestones, celebrations, memories, and audacious feats. 

In the same vein, the year could also come with unplanned certainties, undesirable decisions, and circumstances; and the advice to everyone is to brace up and prepare for a rollercoaster of events.

In light of this, as is the new year tradition, we are all busy crafting well-intentioned plans, projections, and goals for the year wrapped up in one of the most used words at the beginning of every calendar year, the “Resolutions”. 

While resolutions have an undeniable positive impact for those who indeed follow through, it is also correct to say that there has been much fuss around the “New Year, New Me” mantra that one might roll eyes at the sound of the word.

Despite the mixed feelings around resolutions, the reality is that each year, this approach seems to be a top burner, making it a wise decision to embrace it in anticipation of a fulfilling year. However, the attention should not be merely on setting the goals but on ensuring that the financial, spiritual, social, or personal plans are well-defined, realistic, and achievable. 

This first edition of the Life Conversation article highlights critical and unconventional approaches to setting goals by leveraging on key trends and activities of each quarter in the year. (Be sure to thank us later).

Quarter 1- Set Civic responsibility goals

It is barely eight weeks to Nigeria’s general elections, and there is no better time to participate in your country’s democratic process. Beyond the political conversations, arguments, permutations, and genuine interest to see that we bequeath our children and the next generation with credible leadership for our country, it is crucial to be part of the process by stepping out and casting your vote.

In the stirring words of a political leader and former President of the United States of America, Lyndon B. Johnson, “This right to vote is the basic right without which all others are meaningless. It gives people, people as individuals, control over their destinies.'” This year do not join the band of those who, in the guise of claiming that their vote does not count, fail to take destiny into your hands (in this case, in your thumb) to choose the leaders of your well-informed choice. 

While voting is not a “compulsory” exercise on this side of the world, in Australia, you are slapped with a civil penalty fine of £80 (about N50,000) if your fail to register for elections. If you have your Voters’ Card, choose to vote, and vote wisely.

Quarter 2 – Set to achieve spiritual goals

The year’s second quarter is interestingly when fundamental religious obligations such as fasting, and sacrifices occur for Nigeria’s two most popular religions. The Christians observe Lent, and for the Muslims, the Eid season is set within this quarter. This is an excellent time to develop a spiritual goal of partaking in these fasting seasons. And this may be the prelude to learning to master intermittent fasting, touted as a modern elixir to overall wellbeing. 

While it might be tough to observe the fasting seasons to the fullest, there is a way around it. You can choose a dedicated number of days of the fasting season by setting your fasting goal to achieve 15 to 50 per cent of the entire fasting period.

Quarter 3 – Achieve the goal of self-love 

In this quarter, decide to love up on yourself, take a break, and go to that desired location. Tell yourself you deserve a holiday just like everyone else, following the six months of breaking your back for the ‘hustle’.

Globally, the business ecosystem seems to align with this quarter of the year as a time to take a break from work to lounge and relax, travel and enjoy the summer. Even schools take on extended holidays, so you can have the kids be part of the desirable break.

Plan to take a paid leave, and work with your HR team to fix your annual leave within this quarter when the weather and other elements align to help you enjoy your life. Remember, when you take a break, you set yourself up for a more productive end of the year with refreshed motivations and zeal to work.

Quarter 4 – Make it your review period for your finance

Make the last quarter of the year a review period. Review all activities for the year – financial, personal, family, career growth, spiritual, social, etc. For your financial goals, plan to have a savings plan for at least nine months from the year’s inception and review how well you did in the last quarter. 

The reality is that the last quarter of the year is always an overwhelming period for several people because of the realization that you barely have 90 days to fulfil your goals for the year. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, give yourself breathing space to make the most of the year’s final quarter.

If you engage in monthly thrift contributions, plan to receive your total savings within this last quarter. This financial capacity empowers you to fulfil your responsibilities for the year’s final months and gives you the advantage of staying above the waters in the first month of the imminent year.

Most importantly, in your plan for financial stability, remember that insurance is the best way to guarantee recompense in the case of financial loss, bearing in mind the uncertainties that could occur during the year. 

One significant financial stability habit to inculcate this year is to build a savings culture that guarantees a financially rewarding future plus the added advantage of a life assurance policy. With the Leadway Assurance Savings Plan, you are guaranteed that no matter what life throws at you, your savings and financial value for your loved ones are assured.

Would you like to have any of Leadway Assurance’s insurance policies guaranteeing you the peace of mind to glide through the year, knowing you are covered, come what may? 

For more information on how to speak with Leadway’s Financial Management Experts, kindly visit www.leadway.comor scan the QR Code at the top right or call the Leadway Assurance Financial Management Experts on 01-2800-700 or email Lcs@leadway.comfor professional advice on the next steps.



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