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Residents of Gowon Estate in a Battle With Environmental Hazards

INSIDEMAINLAND-The Residents of Road 31, Gowon Estate have condemned the deplorable state of the Roundabout in their community.

 AlimoshoToday reports that some residents expressed their displeasure on the condition of the spot.

The Roundabout which was originally designed for beautification has now become a dumping site filled with litter and is fast becoming an environmental hazard to the well-being of the community.

AlimoshoToday visited the area, on Friday after being invited by one Mr Donald Enubele, a resident of the community, to seek out why this suburban settlement of literates is abused and abandoned. 

“I will blame the Local Government for this embarrassment. When they construct something like this, it is their duty to sustain it. They just put it there and they go and never come back”, Mr Dehinde, a resident said., “We like to copy Oyinbo people, but we don’t think of the future of what we copy. This Roundabout was not like this before. They planted flowers there before. It was very beautiful and clean, but it was deprived of maintenance. Am I the one to trim the flowers and wet them? Maintenance culture is a problem in this part of the world, even look at our roads, they are very bad and they are a pain for motorists”.

Another resident of the area Pastor Adeleja, however, disagreed with Mr Dehindei. PastorAdelaja believes that the residents of the area should be blamed for the Roundabout’s uninviting state. Pastor Adelaja, although agreed that the local government is not standing up to the responsibility of sustaining the beautification of the Roundabout as it should be expected, he emphasized that the community people are also responsible for the situation. 

He said, “The government of the day has its own deficiencies, yes, but we the people are our very own problem. The government does not maintain their projects, agreed, but is the government the one dumping refuse there?

“We should ask ourselves some questions: is it normal for a human being, literates for that matter, to dump refuse at this very place? The government has always failed us. This is not news anymore, but how can we confront the government of the day without first doing the right thing? It is a complex situation. May God help us.”



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