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#MainlandersPlea: Igando Residents Bemoan Lack of Electricity

INSIDEMAINLAND – Residents on Greenland Estate, Idowu-Egba, in Igando, Lagos Mainland, have decried the persistent blackout in the community, blaming power distribution company, Ikeja Electric, of plunging the community into darkness.

We gathered that the community last had electricity when their transformer developed a fault on January 18, 2022. About two weeks later, officials of the distribution company took the transformer away for repair.

However, residents said since the transformer was taken away, there had been no communication from the company.

A resident, who identified himself as Kayode, accused Ikeja Electric of insensitivity to the plight of residents of the community.

“We do not have power supply so we spoke to one or two landlords and they said there were issues with the transformer. I called a technical officer at Ikeja Electric and he told me that they were not aware of what happened and that they would get back to me,” he said.

He continued that; “I called him all through the next day, but he didn’t take his calls. When I called him the following Monday, he told me that executive members of our CDA had come to their office and that they had settled the matter. I asked him when we would have power and he said he did not know; then he hung up.

“Two weeks ago, they came to pick up the transformer. What our landlords communicated to us when they asked us to contribute money was that before Ikeja Electric would take the transformer, they would bring another one for us to use in the meantime. We waited and up till now, we have not heard anything from them.”

Another resident, Isa Jacob, told our correspondent that economic activities in the community had been paralysed.

He said; “It’s been more than a month that we didn’t have electricity. Over two weeks ago, the transformer was taken away and they said they would bring it after repairs and since then, we have been waiting, till now.

“There is no news about the transformer; we don’t know what is happening and we don’t know when the transformer will be brought back. This power issue has affected me as a person and I can’t even quantify it coupled with the fuel scarcity.”



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