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How To Buy Like A Pro In Ikeja Computer Village

INSIDEMAINLAND – Shopping for gadgets at the popular Ikeja Computer Village can be really tricky; we can all attest to that especially if you don’t have the bargaining spirit and the actual knowledge of a particular item, you can get scammed or buy for a very high price.

There have been several experiences of people who have been scammed while buying an item for a way higher price or immediately being swindled at the point of purchase. For a fact, this writer has been scammed before.

Let me let you in on my experience.

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you save up your allowance just so you can purchase it?

Well, I have. I saved up for many months and waited patiently for me to buy an iPhone8+ at a very cheap rate.

Finally, on the day of purchase, I met a seller at Computer Village Ikeja, had a one-on-one conversation, checked the phone I was about to purchase then settled for a price.

So excited, I was seeing myself as a pro, why? Because I negotiated the price very well even more than the expected phone price at various stores. It was time for me to make the transaction, I needed to do a transfer but the seller insisted that I used the ATM machine to withdraw because he doesn’t believe in a bank transfer claiming he had been jilted with fake transactions before.

Poor me; I believed and went ahead to withdraw the cash, handed over the money to him and I was given my phone. Mind you, I never checked the phone again until I got to my bus stop and decided to take a selfie.

To my greatest surprise, it was a refurbished China phone I went home with. I made several calls but all to no avail.

It was indeed a sad experience, but we move!

Meanwhile, quite a lot of people would have similar or more heartbreaking experiences which some may yet to get over. This is why it is very important to be street smart especially to buy like a pro while at Ikeja Computer Village.

Note that when buying a particular item, there are certain things you need to know and look out for and you must be very aware of your surroundings to avoid losing your wallet or being distracted and sold fufu in the process.

Below are some of the tips to buy like a pro in Ikeja.






1.      If you are looking at a particular product, hold it and do not return it till you pay and leave.

2.      Do not appear flashy to avoid being robbed by miscreants at Ikeja under bridge and some parts of the market.

3.      Make sure to have checked other stores online for reviews and compare prices.

4.      Do not rush settle for a cheap price without fact-checking as to why it is that cheap.

5.      Visit stores where you can always go back to complain if need be.

6.      Ensure to ask for receipts for every product.

7.      Lastly, guide your wallet and handbags closely like your life depends on it.