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IN OSHODI: Tunde Onakoya’s Chess in Slums Initiative Receive Global Support

INSIDEMAINLAND – American socialite, Paris Hilton has commended the founder of the Chess in Slums Africa initiative, Tunde Onakoya for his advocacy and commitment to empowering children in impoverished communities through the game of chess. 

Onakoya caught Hilton’s attention following his tweet about the before and after photo of a boy he adopted from the slums in Ikorodu, Lagos Mainland.

The boy who was found malnourished is now looking healthy and now has the chance to get an education after the intervention of Tunde Onakoya and his team.

“About a year ago, I found this little boy in the slums of Ikorodu picking scrap from the floor. I adopted him and he has lived with me ever since then. Today is his first day in school. He aced his entrance examination and will be starting from Primary One,” he wrote.

One of the volunteers, @AdeleyeOuwako1 who works for the non-profit also posted a video of the boy, with the caption, “What love cannot transform doesn’t exist.”

“Y’all need to see the joy in his face when he came to wake me up from bed this morning, saying Uncle Korayy, I’m ready for school. Proud to be part of this journey with @chessinslums x @Tunde_OD,” he wrote.

Responding to Adeleye’s tweet, Hilton wrote, “Love this, and God bless you both.”

Hilton further shared a picture of the organisation’s social media page and the channels for donation.

In a tweet, Onakoya thanked the heiress for advocating their cause.

“My pleasure. Thank you for what you are doing to help these children. May God always bless you,” she replied.

Chess In Slum Africa was founded by Babatunde Onakoya in 2018. The organisation aims at providing mentorship and unlocking the potential in underprivileged children using Chess educational resources.

Recall that InsideMainland reported the organisation’s chess tournament hosted at Oshodi under-bridge, Oshodi, Lagos Mainland in December 2021 where 19-year-old Adeoye Fawas emerged as the winner of the competition. 



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