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Shock as Veteran Actress Iyabo Oko Comes Back to Life After News of Her Death

INSIDEMAINLAND – Shortly after actress Foluke Daramola-Salako announced the passing of her colleague and veteran actress, Sidikat Odukanmi better known as Iyabo Oko, she shared an update that the actress had come back to life.

Daramola initially shared the news of her passing on Instagram saying  “And finally we lost her… RIP Iyabo Oko, we did our best but God knows best”

Shockingly, the actress, who was previously announced dead, came back to life three hours later.

Her daughter, Bisi Aisha, took to her official Instagram page to share the updates.

About three hours after the 62-year-old actress was announced dead, she reportedly moved her hand.

Bisi Aisha initially announced her mother’s death in several Instagram posts late on Wednesday night, posting, “My mum is gone. Rest well mummy. May ur soul Rest In Peace mummy”.

On Thursday morning, she updated the post, saying, “Wonderful being, she moved her hand after being confirmed dead three hours ago. God, we will forever praise your holy name”

Foluke Daramola-Salako also later updated that Iyabo Oko is no longer dead.

“Just heard from her daughter again that she moved her hand and she is still alive. Hallelujah! She is alive.

Her second daughter, Olamide revealed that her mother was battling with Ischaemic stroke about five years back and wanted to keep the news from the public. 



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