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Why Mainland LG is demolishing structures

INSIDEMAINLAND – The Lagos Mainland Local Government Chairman, Hon. Mrs Omolola Essien has disclosed that it would intensify efforts to rid the Local Government Areas of illegal structures.

It also said owners of the buildings demolished in recent times were duly served with contravention, removal and quit notices before the exercise was carried out.

In a statement issued by the Council Vice Chairman, Alhaji Hon. Jubril Emilagba, he stressed that the Local Government’ Environmental Service Department had noted with dismay, the flagrant disobedience of building regulations, and has therefore resolved to ensure removal of all structures that are in contravention of the law.

Speaking after dishing out a 24-hours removal notice to an illegal structure attached to a building at Otumara/Moss Street (Underbridge) which had led to a substantial drainage blockage, Hon. Emilagba reiterated the council’s determination to rid the neighbourhood of Illegal developments.

“In our effort to maintain a sustainable, organized, liveable and friendly environment, the Government will not renege on its declared stance of zero tolerance for structures and properties without development permit or approved building plans,” he said.

He also warned that those who choose to erect illegal structures in violation of the laws in order to take advantage of third parties will not only have those structures removed but will also be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.