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Leadway Health Limited Provides Free Mammogram Screening For Nigerian Women

INSIDEMAINLAND – Leadway Health Limited is facilitating a free one-month mammogram screening for women in Nigeria. This is to commemorate the 2021 Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The initiative aligns with the organization’s campaign to raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer and help women who require or cannot afford the screening exercise.

Commenting on the initiative, Dr. Tokunbo Alli, Chief Executive Officer, Leadway Health, said, “It’s alarming to know that breast cancer is currently one of the most prevalent critical illnesses among women – with 2.26 million cases recorded worldwide and 685,000 deaths in 2020. But we also know that early detection is imperative in the successful diagnosis and treatment of this disease. Hence, we are poised to provide facilities for screening through selected health centers across Nigeria.

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“This year’s theme, “Rise”, is a clarion call for all to do more and support as many women as possible, hence the critical driving force for this exercise. The screening exercise is free and available to women above 40 nationwide. Interested parties should visit Leadway Health’s social media pages to register or nominate anyone for the free mammogram test”

Leadway Health which is an associate company of Leadway Assurance is an innovative health maintenance organization (HMO) that provides a new dimension to conventional health insurance. Its affordable, flexible, and technology-driven services are designed to address Nigerians’ health insurance needs. As a socially responsible organization, we are primed, proud, and ready to respond to this need for the wellbeing of women in our society.



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