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Uriel Oputa Recounts Battle With Ovarian Cyst

INSIDEMAINLAND – Former Big Brother Naija housemate and Instagram influencer, Uriel Oputa has disclosed that she was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst at a particular time in her life.

The former BBNaija said this while clarifying why she has lost so much weight in the past few months.

Her Instagram post read; ‘When you have a family history of high blood pressure, stroke even cancer you make changes. I went for a full health check.

“I had ovarian cyst for years [Non-cancerous] we checked yesterday and it’s gone.

“There is no perfect weight, I was happy being a size 14/15 but my body needed to be fed differently so i did and i lost weight. You can be healthy in any size but my healthy size ended up being smaller.

“Be attentive to your body even if you don’t follow my recipes. I don’t want my children to go through what my brothers and sisters passed through with my mothers”. She said.