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Commuters Stranded for 8-Hours after Tanker, Container Trailer Collide in Mile 2

INSIDEMAINLAND – Thousands of commuters were left stranded and spent more than eight hours in traffic on Monday as a tanker and container trailer fell on top of each other at Durban junction in Amuwo Odofin around the Mile 2 axis of Lagos State.

The incident happened as a result of a big pothole, a cause of frequent accidents on the stretch of road, with hooligans taking advantage of the bad road to dispossess commuters and private car owners on the roads.

According to The Sun residents of Awuwo Odofin said they have notified both Lagos and local government authorities about the road but nothing has been done.

A maritime expert, Chief Osita Chukwu, said he has been in traffic for eight hours, saying there was no movement as everywhere remains standstill.

‘Orile and Badagry expressway, Mile 2 bridge to Oshodi road and Apapa axis were blocked. Durban junction and its environs are also blocked. The trailer and the tanker fell on top of each other. Nobody has done anything to salvage the situation,’ he said.

He blew hot that the current state of Lagos are nothing to write home about, saying that Lagos is bigger than Governor, Sanwo-Olu to govern.

‘If I have my way, I’ll say Sanwo-Olu should not get a ticket in 2023. In fact, nobody should vote for him because it seems he’s confused with what to do with the situation of Lagos State,’ he lamented.

Meanwhile, Mr Hassan Akeem said the situation is so terrible, saying that the bad spot has become a hotbed for robbery and other crimes in the night.

He said there is no single good road around Mile 2 and Amuwo Odofin local government. He said all the roads have gone bad and nobody is doing anything about it.

‘This is a state where everybody pays taxes one way or the other. I wonder what Lagos State Government is doing with all the taxes and levies they are collecting every time.

‘The situation is very bad. People have been constantly attacked around this environment and lose their valuable items every day. The insecurity in the state is becoming alarming and we and government to intervene,’ he said.

As of the time of filing this report, the tanker and the trailer are yet to be evacuated while the access roads are blocked.