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SON Impounds Substandard Rods Worth N15m In Lagos

SON Impounds Substandard Rods Worth N15m In Lagos

INSIDEMAINLAND – The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) in collaboration with the Iron Rod Distributors Association of Nigeria (IRDAN) has seized substandard iron rods worth N15 million.

Mr. Gbenga Awoyale, the President-General of IRDAN, disclosed this in an interview with Newsmen on Sunday in Lagos.

Awoyale told Newsmen that SON sealed a company in Alimosho area of Lagos that stocked substandard iron rods following a hint from IRDAN.

Awoyale said that from findings, the substandard rods were supplied by African Steel Nigeria Ltd.

”The owner of the iron rod ran away. We sealed the place and went with one rod for further testing and as evidence.

”The substandard iron will be taken to SON factory to be remelted and be used to produce standard ones.

”The DG of SON earlier this year had a meeting with us and with the manufacturers of iron, that they don’t want substandard products again as buildings and bridges are collapsing.

”The Indian manufacturers produce and export standard one to neighboring countries and produce substandard to us.

”So the DG, SON said that a stop should be put to it and three months grace was given for them to clear off such substandard stock before clampdown, which elapsed on June 18,” he said.

Awoyale said that after the meeting, the companies were still producing substandard products.

He commended the Director-General of SON, Mr. Farouq Salim, and his team over the swiftness in taking actions against those whose stock in trade was the distribution of substandard steel products.

”We are elated that SON made good its promise by taking prompt action of sealing up the iron rod distribution company stocking substandard products and hold the belief that this will save Nigerians risk of building collapse.”

”We, however, urge the leadership of SON to ensure matters concerning substandard iron rods are followed to the latter for the safety of all, as those who trade in them usually have their ways through corrupt elements among the organization,” Awoyale said.

He also implored SON to ensure those caught in the act were severely dealt with, by the provision of the law.

Awoyale urged SON to do a thorough investigation and mandate the return of the products to the manufacturer for remelting and reproduction to a standard form for the distributors, to serve as a lesson for the manufacturers.