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Four Likely Outcomes as Sunday Igboho Visits Lagos

Four Likely Outcomes as Sunday Igboho Visits Lagos

INSIDEMAINLAND – Following reports of the imminent visit of the Yoruba Nation agitator Sunday Adeyemo – popularly called Sunday Igboho – to Lagos State on July 3, 2021, for a mega rally, there is palpitating anxiety in the country’s economic nerve centre as similar visits to the other Southwest states have attracted an enormous crowd.

Having analyzed publicly available information on the gigantic Igboho’s movement, INSIDEMAINLAND‘s editorial posits that the following are the four possible outcomes to expect during Igboho’s visit to Lagos State. The object of this editorial is to guide Mainland residents to make informed decisions on the day.

1. Possible Traffic Gridlock
Lagos is a small city with very inadequate road infrastructure for its over 20 million residents. The uptick in road rehabilitations across the state has further acerbated the traffic issues in the city; residents now spend an average of 5 hours for daily commute to and from their jobs and businesses. The Lagos Mainland, where the population is dense and also likely be the venue of Igboho’s rally, is highly going to experience a lockdown as the crowds gather to welcome him and his entourage.

Over time we’ve witnessed visits of prominent personalities leading to traffic impediments, leaving motorists and commuters stranded. Most recently, President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to Lagos State to commission the Lagos-Ibadan Standard Gauge Rail Line saw a similar occurrence of heavy gridlock at his arrival.

INSIDEMAINLAND enjoins Lagosians to plan their day and take all necessary travel precautions on Saturday, July 3, 2021.

2. Public Safety
Igboho’s presence is most notable for attracting a mammoth crowd loyal to the self-styled Yoruba activist. His last rallies in Osogbo, Osun State and Ado in Ekiti State witnessed an unprecedented heavy turnout.

Such rallies are usually big attractions for the social deviants, who may find such boisterous spaces exciting or an opportunity to foment trouble. With the city still struggling with the activities of armed gangs, ‘Area-boys’, traffic robbers and violent criminal cult groups, this could easily turn ugly for innocent residents and commuters around the vicinity of the rally.

There has also been an upsurge in traffic robberies with the growing issue of traffic gridlock in the state. The hoodlums easily take advantage of the situation and harass motorists and commuters and rob them of their valuables.

INSIDEMAINLAND advises Lagosians to avoid the areas of this rally or, better still, limit movement on the said date.

3. Ethnic Tension
The emergence of the Sunday Igboho’s movement can be traced to the incessant farmers and Fulani herders clashes as well as violent kidnapping purported to be perpetuated by the same ethnic group in Southwest Nigeria and other regions of the country.

The response by Igboho and his cohorts to rescue the Yoruba Nation from these criminalities and violent confrontations always connote a movement against the Hausa/Fulani tribe.

This sentiment is very sensitive and is known to have stoked ethnic tensions in other Southwest states. While the visit to Lagos may be peaceful and eventful, there is an editorial responsibility to advocate caution for residents and communities in areas on the Mainland with a large Hausa/Fulani residence, such as Mile 12, Ijora, Idi-Araba, Fagba and Agege.

INSIDEMAINLAND EDITORIAL POSITION: This is not to make Mainlanders panic but for the Security Agencies to position for caution and residents to take proactive measures.

4. Possible Clash with law enforcement

Igboho’s last rally in Osogbo, Osun State, resulted in a clash between the State Security Service (SSS) operatives and some suspected hoodlums said to be loyalists of the movement.

Ogun State witnessed a similar incident when Igboho’s supporters and the Nigerian Police clashed in the state. However, this is not to say there will be a similar occurrence in Lagos State, but as seen during the #EndSARS peaceful protest, hoodlums could easily hijack Sunday Igboho’s Yoruba Nation peaceful rally. Residents should take precautions and avoid areas where the rally might be staged. INSIDEMAINLAND WILL SHARE THE ROUTES IF THE INFORMATION BECOMES AVAILABLE.

Just like in Osogbo and Abeokuta, there is a possibility that overzealous followers of Sunday Igboho might clash with operatives of the Lagos Taskforce or the Lagos State Rapid Response Squad (RRS). Residents should avoid any overcrowded convergence as a safety measure against unfortunate casualties.