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Mushin LG Chairman sympathies with residents, sets up investigative panel

The Chairman of Mushin Local Government, Mr Emmanuel Bamigboye, has come out to sympathise with residents of the community over the killings and attacks that happened on Tuesday. He also setup a c committee to investigate the shootings and killings in Mushin.

“It was in the news already that there were shootings at protesters in #Mushin on Tuesday, 20 October, 2020 by the police.

This action led to casualties being recorded; the injured are presently in various hospitals receiving treatments, and some deaths were reported.

We are saddened by this development and necessary measures were taken such as paying the bills of those injured during the crisis, advising residents to be peaceful, etc.

We want to inform residents that we are not privy to the directives received by the police to shoot Mushin protesters on Agege Motor road.

I sympathize with the families of victims who lost their lives or injured on black Tuesday in Mushin.

We have setup committee to investigate what actually happened on the fateful day and to report accurate details of fatalities involved while we continue to save the lives of those in the hospitals.

Residents should know that the Local Government and the Police have a good the relationship towards security issues of the community that is maintaining law and order.

No political office holder or leader in the community is responsible for the mayhem in #Mushin.

We frown at the destruction & burning of public or private institutions in the community.

Anybody sent to burn or destroy properties belonging to the public or private organizations will meet the wrath of God as well as the law and such a person will be apprehended soon.

We advise residents to calm down and say no to vandalism.