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COVID-19: Ilupeju residents dispel rumours of a major outbreak in the community

COVID-19 in Ilupeju

There’s no truth in a vicious report making the rounds of social media that the community of Ilupeju, Lagos has been “hit really hard” by the coronavirus pandemic.

The post, which has since gone viral, initially surfaced on WhatsApp on Sunday 28 June claiming that the “Indian community in Lagos has a death toll of 26 people in two weeks”; and of course, Ilupeju being the predominant residential enclave of Indians in Lagos, the post warns that Ilupeju is a “hotbed right now” and should be avoided.

Ilupeju is too small and close-knit for such a major health crisis to occur in such alarming numbers without it becoming general knowledge in the community very quickly. Yet, there has been no word of any such occurrence within the community grapevine.

As the information resource relied on by residents for accurate news about happenings in their backyard, ILUPEJU TODAY NEWSPAPER decided to investigate the claim.

Our interrogation of numerous residents, including Indian residents and their domestic staff who are mostly Nigerians and readily confide in us, did not yield any confirmation of the claim. Neither did a visit to area hospitals or a phone call to the NCDC.

Life is going on as normal in the community, with residents adhering to recommended preventive measures while out in public places.

Chief Sanjay Jain, President, Indian Cultural Association, Lagos and long-time Ilupeju resident, described the rumour as baseless and without foundation. The Association is the apex body of Indian nationals in Nigeria.

“Our community is well educated and knows the seriousness of this pandemic,” he said. “Any of our nationals who may have become infected followed the rules laid down by the NCDC and checked into one of the isolation centres in the State.”

Ilupeju Today’s findings did not come up with any evidence of a coronavirus outbreak in Ilupeju. We thus urge the community not to panic or become overanxious nor believe or circulate such news.

Source: Ilupeju Today Newspaper