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Lagosians groan over alleged LASTMA extortion

Lagosians have taken to social media platform, Twitter, to decry the incessant and cunny means in which officers of the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency (LASTMA) have allegedly been extortion motorists.

A Twitter user who identifies himself as @tundeleye wrote out a thread on the topic explaining how these alleged scams and ‘rackets’ are set up with the aid of non-LASTMA staff.

He said,

“The MO. Vehicle breaks down around Adeniji. A “scout” comes to offer help. It seems he alerts affiliated @followlastma officials. The Lastma comes and tell you it’s a dangerous area to be because of Adeniji boys who will come and rob you. They seem to target people who are alone.

“If what they want to do is to help, shouldn’t they simply stay with the person until their Mechanic arrives? But no, they insist on towing the vehicle to the “safety” of their office. Of course because they are not helping. They are setting you up for extortion.

“When they get to their office which is slightly separate from the main Sura office, the ones that bring you in promptly disappear and make themselves unavailable. The towing guys then demand towing fee of 15K from you, plus 2K gate fee to let you out.

“These towing guys don’t wear uniforms so they aren’t @followlastma officials. But they are clearly working together and the Lastma guys give them direction and instruction. It’s this money they they want to collect that is their aim for insisting on towing you to safety.

See full thread here,

“I hear that this behaviour by @followlastma officials is not restricted to only Sura. People commented about Apapa (for cars that stop in the Ijora area) and Iponri (for cars that stop around Funso Williams). They are a plague and a pestilence preying on the vulnerable.”

Many respondents affirmed the information on the thread by also reliving some of their personal experiences at the hands of the traffic officers.