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Tower Aluminium workers stage protest on Oba Akran

tower aluminium protest

Retrenched workers of Tower Alumunium Group Nigeria Plc have staged a peaceful protest today in front of the company’s corporate headquarters on Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.

The workers claim that they were retrenched on March 13 without notice and since then, they have not been paid any of their financial benefits. According to them, the last time they got paid was in January.

They claim that their dismissal is illegal and when asked if it was prompted by the coronavirus pandemic, they disagreed.

One of the executives of the workers union who spoke to InsideMainland on the condition of anonymity said,

“Since the 13th of March, we were dismissed by Tower Aluminium and they told us not to come back. They have refused to pay us so we set a meeting for today.

“At the meeting today, they came to beg for postponement and that is why we are out here protesting and demanding for our pay”.

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The workers union of Tower Aluminium set a meeting with the management of the company today but reports gathered by In sideMainland shows that no agreement was reached by both parties.

According to the workers who spoke to InsideMainland, the management of the company have debts running into billions of naira and a takeover at the top is looking imminent.

The protest was largely peaceful and limited to the gate of the building. Top members of the management staff were seen in their cars stuck in the compound as the protesting workers vowed to not let them through the gates.

InsideMainland tried to speak with someone on the management but there was no response as at the time of writing this.