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COVID-19: ACPN Tasks Lagos to increase testing capacity

The Lagos State Chairman of the Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria, Pharm. Olabanji Obideyi has urged the Lagos State Government to increase its testing capacity for COVID-19.

Obideyi made the recommendation while donating hand sanitisers, nose masks, gloves and vitamin C tablets to the Apapa Local Government Area on behalf of the association yesterday. He said; increasing testing capacity in the state would help in the fight against the disease and limit its spread.

“Declaring a lockdown is good but the state must step up its testing capacity. When people are told to sit at home and the state is not carrying out enough tests, then it is like wasting people’s time”.

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“For instance, when the 20 sample centres were established by the Lagos State Government, the figures of confirmed cases keeps increasing on a daily basis. We hope that the test will be conducted for every household so that those confirmed to be positive will be taken to isolation centres”.

“More importantly, I understand that some private hospitals are closing down, people are now coming to the community pharmacists, though we’ve been there before COVID-19 for the people and we are still there for them. But now that the people will start coming to us, we are asking the state government to provide us with Personal Protective Equipment,” Obideyi said.

He also said the donation from the association will be replicated in other Local Government Areas and Local Council Development Areas in the state, and it serves as the Association’s contribution to curbing the spread of the COVID-19 in the state.

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The Lagos ACPN Chairman added that there was the need for proper sensitisation of residents in Lagos on general hygiene to curb the spread of COVID-19.

“As a responsible association we felt that the issue of COVID-19 should not be left to government alone; regular handwashing with soap and the use of sanitisers are some of the ways to prevent the spread of this disease,” he said.



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