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No Plans to Re-open Schools-LASG

The Lagos State Government on Thursday restated the its directives on the closure of both public and private schools in the state, to protect pupils from contracting the coronavirus.

The government said, in a bid to forestall the spread of the virus through schools, they have come up with programmes on radio, television and other media, and those programmes will be intensified.

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The Commissioner for Education, Mrs Folashade Adefisayo, who disclosed the government’s position, urged proprietors aiming to commence academic session for third-term to shelve the plans until after the pandemic.

Adefisayo said, “The Ministry wishes to state categorically that all schools in Lagos State remain closed and have not yet been opened for the third term. The State continues to offer free teachings on various media, especially radio and television”.

She also assured Lagosians that the government will continue to improve on its distant learning programmes on various media, and she expressed satisfaction at the success of the programmes within its short time of implementation.

“Plans are also underway to ensure that our children in public schools are able to complete their term whenever the lockdown is lifted”, she added.

Whilst expressing government’s empathy to proprietors and management of schools, Adefisayo appealed for perseverance and urged them to adopt the online teaching strategy to keep their students busy while staying at home to avoid contracting Coronavirus.

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The commissioner also disclosed that some schools offering online classes charge their students fees on discount, while some charge the full tuition fees.

“Parents are concerned about the cost of this programme, ranging from fees charged by schools to the cost of data and devices as well as the cost of fueling generators to ensure steady electricity power supply. Parents also have to supervise online teachings to guard against the exposure of children to pornography, in addition to online harassment and bullying,” Adefisayo advised.

She, however, called for continuous dialogue between the parents and the various school administrators to reach a workable solution and take into consideration the inability of the parents to earn during this period, and the responsibility of the administrators to pay the teachers, and purchase gadgets and data to aid effective online teaching.

“In view of the aforementioned, we ask that schools consult extensively with parents and find a win-win solution that will be acceptable to all stakeholders,” the Commissioner added.