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“One million Boys” strike again!

The dreaded armed robbery gang known as the ” One Million Boys” struck again in the wee hours of yesterday 19th of April, 2020 in the Bariga axis of Lagos State. The attack was repelled by youths- resident in the area who have taken turns to act as vigilantes to protect their community from the activities of the daredevil cultists.

Commentators on social media who alluded to the attack being an afterthought, praised the boldness of the youths who repelled the attack.

Most residents of Lagos State are living in palpable fear these past weeks due to the incessant armed robbery attacks by vicious cult groups carried out during the lockdown period.

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Despite several assurances by the Lagos Police Commissioner, Mr Hakeem Odumosu on the readiness of the security apparatus to curb the menace of the One Million Boys, the attacks have still gone on unabated.

The Lagos State CP also alluded to the presence of other criminal gangs who are using the “One million Boys” tag to create palpable fear in the communities.

Since the extension of the lockdown period in Lagos and other high-risk infected states by the Federal Government, the activities of miscreants and hoodlums like the One million Boys and the Agege Awawa Boys have become more rampant and arguably unchecked.

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In a response to the increase in attacks, the Inspector General of Police has ordered the deployment of Special Intervention forces to aid intelligence and information gathering in a bid to curb the menace of the One Million Boys and Awawa Boys especially in the Lagos and Ogun States bordering communities.