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Lockdown: RRS storms bars in Lagos

The Lagos State Rapid Respond Squad (RRS) stormed the Isheri/Berger road axis of Lagos state and arrested two bar owners flouting the lockdown directives of the Federal and Lagos State Government.

The bar owners were arrested following a tip-off by residents to the patrolling officers of the RRS led by the squad’s Commander, Olatunji Disu, a Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP).

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One of the arrested bar owners claimed he was only preparing Nkwobi and had no intentions of opening the bar.

Some of the customers scampered away at the sight of the Patrol vehicles whilst those who stayed behind were apprehended. They were later released with the promises of not flouting the lockdown order, whilst the bar owners were taken away.

A statement by RRS on its Facebook account said: “Commander, Rapid Response Squad (RRS) DCP Olatunji Disu, while on routine patrol last night along Isheri/Berger noticed a bar open and operating fully despite the lockdown order.
” He immediately ordered the arrest of the owner who claimed he was only preparing nkwobi.

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“Some of the customers escaped while some who were waiting to finish their bottles were also arrested but were allowed to go with a strong warning.”

Disu warned that the security operatives will keep eyes on the spot and forestall further occurrences.

He also advised citizens to obey the lockdown order to save themselves from contracting Coronavirus.