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Coronavirus testing is free in Lagos

The National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) has advised Nigerians resident in Lagos, Ogun and the Federal capital territory on lockdown to be patient with the Federal Government and follow through the directives in order to fast track the end to the COVID 19 pandemic in the country.

In an interview aired on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily, on Thursday 16th of April, 2020, the director of NCDC Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu iterated that the government is working absolutely hard to stop the spread of the virus and the Lockdown is one of the mechanisms deployed to curb the spread of the virus and not to cure it.

He said,  “The goal of the lockdown is not to stop the pandemic because that’s not a realistic goal; the goal of the lockdown was to keep people far from each other to contain the spread to further areas.

He also said, “The second goal was to enable the public health response to build up its efficiency and that is really what we have focused on in the last two weeks and what we will work very hard on in the next 10 days to make sure that we finalise.”

He, however, maintained that due to the peculiarities of the country, in terms of population density and illiteracy, fighting the pandemic has become a herculean task;

In his reaction to issues of testing capacity, Dr Chikwe said the distance between the molecular laboratories and the quarantine centres is a major bottleneck to prompt delivery of test results and samples.

He also said we have a big problem on our hands as a nation and we must focus on what is important and eschew sensationalizing issues around the pandemic.

He ended the interview saying “Life won’t be the same again and Nigerians should prepare for a different type of life as the lockdown starts and that’s his message; the life we lived before the virus won’t be the same anymore as things that have been introduced would continue in short term”



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