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Transporters still overloading vehicles

by Badejo Oluwaseun

Commercial transporters are yet to comply with the Lagos State Government’s directive to carry 60 percent of their loading capacity.

The directive was part of measures put in place to check the spread of the coronavirus disease. Several yellow buses plying the Agege-Ikeja-Yaba-Ikorodu routes still carry the maximum four persons per seat, per row and a total of 14 passengers without the driver and conductor. 

The tricycle riders are no different as those plying Town Planning-Oshodi-Cappa-Ilupeju-Mushin routes still carry three passengers behind and one in front. Even with the situation, they still lamented poor patronage. A rider who was frustrated after spending long hours to fill his Keke (tricycle) was heard lamenting, “Where is everyone? Nobody is coming out today? I will not come back here to queue again. “When asked why he still loaded full capacity, he retorted, “the directive did not cover tricycles.” The government did not mention Keke, only buses, “he said.

Another Keke rider said that despite the low patronage, they still had to pay full taxes to the motor park touts. “People are not coming out. But the problem is that the Agberos (touts) are still collecting their full money. I am the only one always fighting them; no one backs me so it is like I am alone.



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