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Covid-19: Mile12 orders more vital signs equipment as it screens visitors at the entry

by Alli Mustapha

In a bid to curb the spread of the covid-19, The Executive Chairman of Mile 12 International Market, Alhaji Shehu Usman, directed his team to check all traders, buyers, and loaders in the market while also placing an order for more vital signs equipment for usage by one of the most popular perishable goods Market in West Africa.

This was revealed in an interview with Alhaji Usman partly who explained the reason why the vital signs tools are very important amid the outbreak of coronavirus to enable them to confirm and send any key major stakeholders in the market in unstable health condition back home until such time as their body has been tested normal to enter the market.

This development is coming after the Market has distributed facemasks, hand gloves and application of sanitizer to traders, loaders, customers and any guest entering the market as reported. 

The Chairman also maintained that the 10 entry and exit gates into the market has been reduced to three to ensure proper monitoring and screening exercise.

The mosques in the market have been completely shut down because of the likelihood of having difficulty with fewer than 50 persons to observe their prayers at a go.

Usman revealed that as one of the safety measures took to safeguard the market and make it accessible to all and sundry to get their daily fresh foodstuffs under the best hygiene environment without any hindrance.



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