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29 Days after, St. Finbars Road, Akoka awaits Govt. Intervention

by Alli Mustapha and Badejo Oluwaseun

On February 14, the Lagos state governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-olu, through a tweet via his senior special assistant on new media – Mr. Jubril Gawat that the government would rehabilitate the St. Finbar’s road in Akoka. Fast forward to today, March 11, 29 days had past and nothing tangible has been done about the road.

In the tweet https://twitter.com/Mr_JAGs/status/1228406702552309760?s=08 the Governor said: 

“We will be starting massive rehabilitation of St. Finbar’s Road, starting from the gate of the University of Lagos (UNILAG). We will be rehabilitating Jagunmolu Street, Diya Street & Shoniyi Street” 

Recall that on February 13, insidemainland.com reported the bad state of the Akoka road. This report caught people’s attention and the Lagos state government’s eye in particular. Since then, residents and commuters of Akoka had live with optimism about the road getting fixed by the government.

However, the potholes that changed the movement of the vehicles from the automobile movement to snail-like movement is still there. The stretch of traffic from the Unilag gate to pako bus stop is still existing too. 

Instead of a standard road to be seen, what is seen however is a dusty road that few of the potholes are filled with bricks and sandy soil that wasn’t for sure done by the Lagos state government.

The commuters and residents are still hoping for the government to step in, as they are tired of the discomfort caused by the road. 

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