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IN AKOKA: Motorists groan over dilapidated state of St. Finbarrs road

by Seun Badejo

The popular St.  Finbarrs road, situated along Akoka road, Lagos Mailad, which has notable institutions around it has quickly deteriorated due to little or no maintenance.

Presetly, the access roads is in a deplorable state and has caused great discomfort to commuters who ply the route daily. Motorists spend an average of 30 minutes just from the University of Lagos gate to Pako bus stop, a stretch that it only a average of a ten minutes’ drive

InsideMainland gathered that street urchins now collect bribes as high as N1000 daily from commercial riders on the pretence of road maintenance.

Commenting, Lawal Tolulope, a student of Yabatech said she has been plying the road for 4 years and there’s nothing positive to say about it. “I have had a bad experience in the last 4 years, there’s traffic, there are big potholes everywhere. The government should fix the road to ease stress. Buses have increased their fare twice the normal amount. They use it as an opportunity to make fast money” she complained.

Mr Elieza John Ajah, a Keke Napep rider, who works on the road said; “It is extremely bad, it is nothing to write home about because since I’ve been living at Bariga for the last 30 years, it has never been like this. This government officials that have been travelling to foreign countries and they know how good their roads are over there, why can’t they learn a thing or two and implement back here, for us to enjoy at least.”

He added that; “This road is housing some big federal schools known in this country, schools like University of Lagos, Federal College of Education, and also St. Finbarrs. So, this road has to either be wider than this or they need to maintain it.  I pay N1,555 to N1,560 daily to the touts on the road but still no change.”

In addition, Keke Napep riders have turned the filling station along the road to their usual route which causes even more traffic.

To manage the situation, LASTMA officials have been posted there to stop any vehicle from entering the filling station unless they are there to buy fuel and not just looking for a shortcut.



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