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SHOCKING: Son stabs father and mother to death in Ejigbo

by Alli Mustapha

Residents of Afeez Gbadamosi Street in EJigbo, Lagos Mainland, were left in shock and grief on Tuesday, February 5, 2020, following the death of one Barrister Clement Okhide and his wife Toyin, in their apartment.

Mary, their daughter, was also found helpless in a pool of blood and was rushed to the hospital where doctors are still working tirelessly to save her.

It was learnt that the couple were left dead as the horrendous act was committed by their 23-year-old son, Michael, who is on the run.

According to Vanguard, the residents asserted that Michael is a famous drug addict whom everyone on streets and family avoid.

One of the residents who described the 60-year-old late lawyer as a disciplinarian said that the deceased had been warning his son against taking illicit drugs but he wouldn’t listen. He noted that at a time, it led to a tense altercation between the two.

He said: “Michael is the first child. The couple had three children. He had gone to three private universities but could not complete his education because of illicit drugs. At a point, he said that his family hated, even when his parents did all they could to make him useful”

A relative who pleaded anonymity grieved on the tragic incident and stressed how much the alleged murderer had been a source of worry to the family. “This type of tragedy has never occurred in my family. The boy has finally done his worst. It is unfortunate that my brother and his wife lost their lives in the process of trying to ensure he turned a new leaf. Michael has been a thorn in the entire family’s flesh. If you cautioned him, he would snap at you and warn you to mind your business,” the relative said.

Another resident identified simply as Osemodiamen said he Micheal rush out of his father’s house in a boxer short and wondered why he was dressed so casually but didn’t occur to him it might be murder related.

Narrating the incident, Osemodimen said: “We gathered that he attacked his mother first, inside her bedroom with a knife. As his father rushed out of his room to know what the shout was all about, he bumped into Michael who also stabbed him. Those who got there first were alerted by Mary’s scream”.

As soon the incident became public knowledge, Policemen from the Ejigbo division, led by the Divisional Police Officer, CSP Olabisi Okuwobi, deployed men to the house and evacuated the bodies of the deceased.

Vanguard quoted the Police as saying; “Upon arrival, a man later identified as Barrister Clement Okhide of about 60 years was found dead in the pool of his blood in the kitchen pantry. Blood was seen splattered all over the kitchen. A search through the house led to the discovery of the body of his wife of about 50 years, in one of the locked-up rooms upstairs. It was learned that the assailant also stabbed his sister, Mary, in the stomach and hand. Spirited effort is being made towards arresting the fleeing assailant”.

In the meantime, the building had been sealed as the Police continues investigation on the case.



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