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#DukeOfSomolu: March to COZA – Advice

As you exercise your legitimate rights to peaceful protest, kindly heed to the following advice:

I hope you have applied for and gotten a Police permit for the protest March.

Carry your placard and carry yourself in an orderly fashion.

Stick to the main federal roads and do not carry on your person any item or object that could be deemed offensive.

Be respectful to motorist and other passerby and do not taunt or abuse the police. You will regret.

As you March, remember that the man remains innocent until proven guilty by a court so be mindful of things you say and do especially as you talk to the press or media.

On no account should you enter the premises of his church in protest garb. You will be arrested and prosecuted and may enter jail long before him.

Do not block the road with any item. You will be arrested and charged.

Be sure that the possibility of hoodlums hijacking the whole March and causing mayhem especially at the Onigbogbo end of in Lagos is very high exposing you to previous bodily harm and maybe Rape sef. Leading us to another battle entirely.

In the case of eruption of violence and destruction of public items even if it is lamp pole you will be arrested and made a scape goat.

Do not carry any placard with the Pastors picture or image labelling him a rapist. You are risking arrest and court days for libel and defamation.

Let the accusers do that. They have a story you don’t.

Finally wear a T-shirt condemning rape but nothing specific to this pastor if not you will be a walking libel case

Carry leaves as a sign of peace.

Mbok kuku just sidon for house cook for your husband and children

The police have said they are waiting for a petition. Trigger one and collect signatures and go and submit so that the system can start work.

Let’s fight RAPE it’s not a PR or social media thing.

But much more importantly, let’s use this case and others like it to strengthen our judicial system instead of by passing it and weakening it. We will not like the other side

Thank you.



Joseph Edgar
Joseph Edgar is an Investment banker and Columnist with Thisday and DailyTimes newspapers. He is witty and is a hilarious writer.