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MUST SEE hygiene tips for Mainlanders

Health experts on Thursday, June 13, 2019, advised ladies to maintain high standards of underwear hygiene to avoid skin-related diseases and body odour.

They gave the advice in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

Mrs Omowunmi Ugoro, a Health practitioner in Lagos, said that maintaining proper underwear hygiene could help prevent skin-related diseases and body odour.

“When you use your underwear, try to wash them immediately. If you don’t have time to wash immediately, you can soak with detergent and disinfectant. Also, try to spread under the sun to kill any bacteria.

“For those who spread in the house, you can press with iron. The heat from the iron can also inhibit the growth of microorganisms. By maintaining this routine, your underwear can last for one to two years before buying new ones.

Also, Dr Judith Ike, a Lagos-based medical doctor, called for a periodic change and disinfection of the ladies’ underwear.

Ike recommended the use of cotton pants, as recommended by gynaecologists.

“You are free to wear your underwear for a long time, provided it is cotton and properly disinfected. Mothers are also advised to teach their growing daughters how to sun-dry their underwear or iron them, depending on the security of the environment,” she said.

On her part, Mrs Chidiebere Ezebuife, an underwear expert, said that pants and bras should not be worn for more than six months to one year.

According to her, overused underwear can breed bacterium infections, adding that such panties could make a lady lose her sensual confidence.

“Aside hygiene, overused underwear will not give you the same comfort, as when you first started using it. Also, you might not feel bold to be naked in your partner’s presence. If you rotate your bra every three days with proper washing and drying, then, your bra should last longer. The moment you notice that the band of the bra begins to slack, then, that bra is due for a change,” she advised.