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IN AGEGE: Residents rendered homeless as fire razes building

Property worth millions of naira were yesterday, June 10, 2019, lost to an early morning fire at No. 5. Olugbosho Street, Agege area of Lagos State. There was pandemonium as smoke suddenly covered the air from the compound made up of residential building and a church, Saints Assembly Church.

The fire with billowing smoke were coming from some of the rooms, which made it difficult for neighbours who wanted to render assistance to stop the fire as they kept beating a retreat with the raging inferno.

The hearts of the owners of buildings on either side jumped up their chest into their mouths as they helplessly watched the smoke go up into the sky while the fire kept spreading.

The situation was also not helped by the fact that most occupants of the building had left for work while the owner of a provision shop in the building who was around was not living there and had limited access to other parts of the building.

Prior to the arrival of fire servicemen, some of the bold sympathisers that besieged the scene took the risk to put out the fire though with little success.

After a while, reinforcement came from the Lagos Fire Service. A young man who pleaded anonymity said no one could identify the cause of the fire, which many suspect could have been from a lit stove that was not put off.