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Peruzzi makes U-turn, denies slapping Pamilerin

DMW act, Tobechukwu Okoh, has come out to make clarifications on what happened between him and social media influencer. Pamilerin Adegoke.

The singer who spoke to SaharaReporters had earlier apologised to the social media figure has now recanted and denied that he assaulted him (Pamilerin).

“It’s simple I am just going to say I have not talked to anybody and I told myself I was not going to talk to anybody. Let me just say this real quick, I am a human being when you have issues with people and you have work you doing so you don’t have time to iron it out and then I ran into this guy and am like this is the best time to talk to this guy then I asked him a couple of questions. 

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“Have I done anything wrong to you before? he said no. Did I mistakenly step on you at any event and I did not apologize? he said no. Did any of my friend do anything wrong to you and did not apologize to you? He said no.

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“That means it is obvious you have nothing against me or I have done nothing to you. Next thing, the guy started laughing. The main reason I was angry with this guy was that he has created so much heat between Teni and I. So he is making people think I have an issue with Teni. 

“He started this whole thing. This is somebody I have nothing against. Wherever I go Teni, Teni; Teni this, Teni that. I can’t even make a song with her. Am I not supposed to be in an industry where I am supposed to be free with everyone? Pamilerin started the whole thing.

“Now, okay, I finally met you and I was about to ask what’s up to really know what is going on and you’re laughing. I am a human being.”

When asked about the picture Pamilerin posted to show that he was slapped, Peruzzi said: “Where is the proof that I slapped him? That’s a picture. He should post a video showing I slapped him slapping or whatever is there.”

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