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#DukeOfSomolu: My Love Life

The N5,000 you will be paying for my book – Aaaah would not cover the cost I would need at the Igbobi Hospital to repair my broken head nor would it cover the cost of the surgery to attach my scrotum back after I would have been castrated.

My life has been complex and colourful to say the least and it is not in this book that you will see it.

That one will be released when I’m 90 or better still when I’m dead and gone because at 90 I will still have balls although shriveled and sperm less but still vulnerable to a knife.

Women have played a significant part in my life and still do. They have caused me joy and major pain but this book is not about them or my family life.

No vex no buy the book if na my love life you dey find. No come kill me because of N5k.

Thank you

Duke of Shomolu

Excerpts from the book Aaaah



Idris Aina
Idris is a media and communications professional with keen attention to details. An entertainment enthusiast, he is an ardent fan of the team from the Red Side of Manchester with love for football banters. He tweets with the handle @arlomah.