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IN MENDE: Why residents walked away from meeting with Ikeja Electric

In a show of their displeasure to the management of power distribution company, Ikeja Electric Plc, residents of Mende Community, Lagos Mainland, have refused to grant audience to any official of the company.

The aggrieved residents walked away from a meeting scheduled to have the management of the power distribution company but only had its marketers.

This is in addition to the complaints about the epileptic power supply over time by residents of the community who have agreed not to participate in any form of dialogue with the Ikeja Electric officials as no solution has been offered by previous officials to whom complaints were made.

The decision not to grant audience to Ikeja Electric officials was made at a recent meeting held at the Mende Town hall. According to sources, the meeting consisted of members of the community and other stakeholders who were concerned about the bad state of power supply in the area.

Meanwhile, the aggrieved residents who were angered by this issue suggested at the meeting that a protest should be held. The protest is directed to address the current light supply issues faced by the community.

According to the residents, they would rather hold a protest than talk to the officials who have given nothing but false promises. They are also demanding that pre-paid be given to them.

Moreso, residents of the community revealed that they are ready to speak their mind on this issue and will go to any length to ensure that they rectify this anomaly as all CDAs were urged to mobilize their members to ensure that everything pans out successfully.



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