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Women Are Better Empowered With An Insurance Plan – Old Mutual Marketing Head

As millions across the world commemorates the 2019 International Women’s Day (IWD) – a day dedicated to celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women globally, the Marketing and Customer Executive, Old Mutual, Alero Ladipo said that the organisation is committed to promoting gender parity at all level just as it is supportive of women in its workforce towards achieving career goals.

She reiterates that the organisation in its support for women and the desire for a balanced society, launched the Old Mutual Women’s Network (OWN), a company initiative established to enhance healthy engagement amongst women and to create a mentoring and empowering work environment.

Speaking on the occasion of the IWD, Alero Ladipo stated that; “We must understand that women are pivotal to societal growth and are an integral part to the success of any unit. As an organisation, we have put adequate policies and processes in place to deepen equal gender participation in decision making at every leadership cadre across the Old Mutual Group. I make bold to say that Old Mutual is a fantastic place for women to work in Nigeria and across our group internationally.

“We understand that women at all levels add extraordinary value to enterprise; are capable of making smart decisions that can propel wealth creation, hence their contributions to growth has to be in focus in setting strategies and business agenda. I believe that to promote a gender balanced society, the woman must be able to attain financial security like their male counterparts. In the light of this context, I posit that no financial plan better empowers a woman than an insurance plan. In the insurance space, all genders are equally insured with same expectation in terms of compensation, which allows for a balanced society and further propels women to achieving greater goals.”

Citing vehicle insurance for instance, Mrs, Ladipo added that an insured female car-owner, who is incidentally involved in a road mishap is confident that her insurer will come through for her. She knows that with her insurance policy the damages to a third party will be effectively repaired. She fears no harassment. For Mothers who have dreams for their loved ones, irrespective of class or status in the society, can procure a unique savings plan that can help them realise their dreams, but also provide certain guarantees, a beneficiary will not be short-changed or prevented from reaching an educational goal. Such plans also affords them access to money in case of surprises or other emergencies.”



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