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#2019Elections: Amuwo-Odofin council boss writes emotional piece to seek votes from residents: Read here

Dear Amuwos,

Two weeks ago we commenced the processes of performing our civic duty to electing leaders at the National level: President and National House of Assembly members. Most importantly we pursued our vision of election without violence. We voted candidates of our choice, yes some candidates emerged victorious but truthfully we were the real victors! We protected our Peace! Not one incident or case of Violence. You did it!!! Thank you.

Again, come tomorrow 9th of March, we will be concluding the process, by going to cast our vote for the Governor and member of House of Assembly. I strongly believe we can do it the way we did two weeks ago. Peacefully!

To this end I have another call and request. I want you to go out and perform your civic duty. A duty to vote. I also want to recommend that you vote for the candidates of the party at the center, The All Progressive Congress. Why this, I shall explain in details:

Amuwo-Odofin is a project belonging to three parents: Federal, State, and Local Governments. “Belonging” means that for infrastructural development residents can look up to these three tiers of government. Aren’t we lucky? Certainly we should be, but are we really enjoying the luck of having three parents to meet our developmental needs? Please look around you before you respond. I am sure we don’t look so. Our case is like that of a child, whose welfare and well-being is managed by a single parent. Lacking several necessities obtainable from the original concept of family, Two parents

Our infrastructure is begging for attention, we don’t even have persons adequately pleading our course by representation. No Commissioner, no Special Adviser, let alone dream of Federal appointment.

In view of the above, since 2011 the responsibility belonging to three guardians, is managed by just one. I, Engr. Dr. Valentine Buraimoh is left alone to bear the burden originally designed for three. I am sure you know won’t be easy need I say more…

Now, to answer why this is so and why you must quickly do the needful. It is because, looking back we have not always aligned with the political parties of our benefactors.

And so when we make a case just like other communities, our request before them is not on the scale of priority compared to those who are fully aligned with them. Surulere, Agege, Epe, are practical examples within the state.

So my people of Amuwo-Odofin, please help me to make my job easier, by considering my recommendation. Kindly do the needful come tomorrow, Saturday 9th of March.

By doing this, you will give me the moral impetus to lobby aggressively for what we have been denied these past years. Let’s align perfectly with our Parents.

Thank you.

Engr. Dr. Valentine Buraimoh

Executive Chairman,

Amuwo-Odofin Local Government