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Mainlanders react to Twitter banter between Sanwo-Olu and Jimi Agbaje

Residents of the Lagos Mainland and other parts of the state has continued to react to the online subtle banter between the two leading candidates, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu and Mr Jimi Agbaje, seeking to occupy the highly heralded position as the governor of the state.

Jimi who was replying to an interview by Sanwo-Olu in the mainstream media quoted a comment saying ‘interesting’. In the interview, Sanwo-Olu reportedly said ‘being Tinubu’s puppet was a compliment’.

The response by Jimi Agbaje to the post led to mixed reactions from Mainlanders who took to the microblogging site to share their thoughts.

According to a user, Olawale Idris, he said; “Seriously, your campaign on “FREEDOM” doesn’t sell to me, you were much better candidate in 2015 when you based your arguments on issues and not personality…u can’t beat Tinubu this way. More so, I hardly agree that Lagos is in bondage because it is the most progressive state since 1999!”

Another user, Ajinkanle Abiodun posted saying; “Sir, u are not ready to make Lagos free, PDP is a party that can help us free Lagos, but your campaign is so low… We need a good COMRADE that can move people along…. Pls don’t come back in 2023…. I tried my best to campaign for you, but u are not even trying to campaign self”

Replying to Abidoun, another user, @Dwind_Ryder said; “This is wrong. Have you seen how much effort he has put in this? Holding town hall meetings from Orile to Ikorodu? Have you read of the number of ways APC, through the Lassa folks, have tried to frustrate his efforts, even taking down his billboards? Pls don’t stop campaigning.”

He added that; “In a way it is. We could also consider the factor of budgeting. Idk how much was earmarked for the state campaign, but when you look at how much Sanwoolu is spending on his rn, it’s almost 10 times of what both Agbaje and Ambode spent last time. I wish Agbaje had crowdfunded tbh.”

Another user, Abby Lincoln said; “A convicted fraudster (Bode George) is your own mentor Mr Jimi, without responsible government in charge of Lagos from 1999 till date Lagos would be a dump like Abia and other PDP states, all you lots are after is looting the treasury nothing else. We say No to PDP, Never in Lag.”

To David Etuk, he said; “You can do better than running against Tinubu who’s not on the ballot. Your campaign has been lethargic and you better start articulating your campaign issues beyond Tinubu or else you’ll lose with a bigger margin than previously!”



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