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Exclusive: Inside the Surulere community terrorized by armed robbers

In the aftermath of InsideMainland’s report on the robbery activities threatening the continuous existence of Sologun community in Surulere and how residents have fled the area in droves, it appears there is light at the end of the dark tunnel.

InsideMainland independently gathered from sources in the community that a robbery gang comprising nine tough looking men were recently apprehended in the community by security operatives.

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According to sources in Sologun community, the robbery gang recently stormed a house on Fehintola Giwa, close to Sologun and Kola John streets, all in Aguda, Surulere, Lagos Mainland. The robbers reportedly beat up the security personnel, tied them up and looted the house.

Speaking to InsideMainland, a source said; ‘The nine-man armed robber gang wear masks. On the day of the Fehintola Street robbery, they tied and pummeled the security personnel. The security guy identified one of them simply by memorising the tattoo on the robber’s arm.

“After the incident, the community leaders reported the incident to Police. At the station, the guard who was beaten by the robbers told the Police about the tattooed robber and that he resides on the same street where his gang robbed.”

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The source continued that; “The Police swung into action and apprehended the robbery suspect. He confessed to the robbery and led the police to arrest his eight other gang members. The members each had guns and other dangerous weapons they operate with.”

Furthermore, it was gathered that the robbers mainly converge on a canal that divides Aguda and Ijesha communities in Surulere. Sources said at the canal, the gang smoke weed, plan their actions and extort unsuspecting passersby.

A source disclosed that; “The Canal is closest to Sologun street, coming to Aguda from Ijesha. That is why Sologun is hardest hit by the robbers. The street doesn’t have a gate and erecting one might not make sense simply because there are streets branching off it into the dreaded canal.”

However, when InsideMainland visited the community to speak to other residents, it was discovered that residents have resorted to erecting street gates manned by security guards.

Visitors into the area are carefully monitored by the security guards who embark on random checks to prevent a breakdown of law and order.

This development has helped restore normalcy to the once threatened Sologun community by armed bandits.

Meanwhile, it was gathered that the arrested robbers have been taken into Police custod pending conclusion of investigations.



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