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‘I thought they were helpers,’ lady narrates how Oshodi LG officials deceived, extorted N26k from her

A lady has taken to social media to lament how officials allegedly attached to the Oshodi-Isolo Local Government, Oshodi, Lagos Mainland, deceived her into passing one-way and extorted the sum of N26,500 from her.

Also, she alleged that the fine she was forced to pay, was transferred into an account allegedly belonging to one of the officials of the local government who impounded her vehicle.

According to the lady who posted her ordeal on social media, she revealed that she was on her way to deliver goods to her clients when she missed her way at Oshodi, adding that an LG official posing as a Traffic Warden offered to help her find her way. However, the official eventually led her into local government secretariat after which she was fined for allegedly flouting traffic laws.

She posted saying; “I was on my way for Aso Ebi delivery and I missed my way in Oshodi. I saw this guy on the road dressed like a Traffic Warden almost at a junction. I asked him for directions he told me not to take a particular place I saw about 3 cars take that it’s one way they would arrest them in front.

“So I turned. He said I should be careful that he will direct on where to take I told him thank you he came in directed me and as he was directing me told him to give him money for saving me from taking one way and for showing me directions. I gave him N500. Afterwards, he told me to take the last street in front and go straight down that he would drop there. I said ok.”

She added that when she got close to the local government secretariat, three other officials ordered her to drive into the secretariat for driving through one-way, threatening to deflate her tyres if she refused.  

The victim explained that the ‘officials’ slammed her with a N25,000 fine or allow her vehicle to be impounded.

She wrote; “When he was about to drop, about three other guys came and directed me to drive into the local government. I argued that their colleague only helped me to find my way but they said I passed one-way. They wrote me a ticket of N25,000 that they are Local Government officials.

“To my surprise, they gave me one of their boss’ account to transfer the money to or else they would impound my car.”



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