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Ghen Ghen: Whatsapp Is Going Tough on Fake News; Find Out How

Popular social messaging service app, WhatsApp, has commenced plans to limit users’ ability to forward content per day in a bid to curtail how the platform is used to spread misinformation which has often triggered violence.

The move, which followed months of criticism over the company’s response to such incidents, is one of the bigger changes Facebook has made to one of its core services in response to political pressure.

In a statement announcing the development, the company said, WhatsApp’s more than one billion global users can now only forward material to five individual users or groups at once, a major redction from the 20 allowance before now.

 “This will continue [to] help keep WhatsApp focused on private messaging with close contacts,” the company said.

This development comes amid serious concerns by governments of different countries on the spread of fake news.

WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook had previously taken a series of smaller steps in response to government warnings that it needed to do more to control the spread of misinformation.

The platform is one of the world’s largest messaging services mostly used by developing countries.



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