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UPDATE: Toyin Lawani Lashes Out At Internet Trolls

Following the heavy bashing received for posting a nude video of herself receiving a massage from her personal assistant identified simply as Deydey, fashion stylist, Toyin Lawani, has slammed her critics for trolling her.

In a post shared on her instagram page, Toyin lambasted those attacking her asking her trolls to face their own lives.

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According to her; “I’m not responsible for your ugliness or your misfortunes. Always looking for my man, so you people can Ruin it. Nigerians ma pami now?  My mentality is foreign, I grew up there, you don’t expect all of us to think the same way or like the same things, show me a sexy mama of two who Genuinely works hard with her two hands and set standards before you talk trash about a lingerie shoot, is it a goat that would have put the oil on my body for the shoot,@deydeysoso_ enjoy the rubbing jare.”

She continued that; “Eyin werey jatijati, small talk you will be mentioning my children. Hisss. If you don’t like me pls commit suicide. The more you talk about me the more money I make, that’s what you Losers don’t know, small talk you will be saying her children, Are they your children, leave my life Alone and face yours, Jobless trolls,

“Do I look like someone who cares, I have bills to pay, I don’t see one you are paying it for me or feeding my children, I work too hard for me to care about your useless opinions, I work in my factories all night with my team while you sleep or make silly comments, Learn to Embrace your sexiness, even if you have kids…”

Recall that the celebrity stylist came under fire for releasing a nude video of her receiving a massage on her bare bum from a male identified as her personal assistant.

The video has since become a topic of discussion after it was first shared online by the entrepreneur herself.



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