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REVEALED: The Origin of the popular #10YearChallenge

The #10YearChallenge took the social media by storm with prominent members of the society, Mainlanders, top celebrities and other Nigerians taking part in the challenge to compare their looks 10 years ago and now.

The challenge which was first known as “How Hard Did Aging Hit You Challenge” was started on Facebook. According to the website “Know Your Meme”, Damon Lane, Chief Meteorologist with KOCO News 5 in Oklahoma is believed to be the first prominent user to participate in the “How Hard Did Aging Hit You” challenge.

The post appeared on his facebook page on January 11th, 2019.

The challenge calls for social media users to post their original Facebook profile picture and their current profile picture — or a picture from 2009 and a picture from now — for a side-by-side comparison.

According to Lane; “I actually saw one of my friends do it and thought I’d give it a try,” Lane said in a direct message on Twitter to a reporter from The Daily Dot. “I rarely do those kind of things. It’s been fun.” He said.

Lane’s post has received more than 365 reactions and 75 comments. He said he got the idea from one of his friends and decided to post it on his official KOCO 5 Facebook page.

So the challenge has several names: 2009 vs. 2019, How Did Age Hit You or 10 year challenge.



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