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Residents react to train accident in Agege

In the aftermath of the train accident in Agege community, Lagos Mainland earlier today, Thursday, January 10, 2019, when two coaches in a train derailed from its track in the axis throwing motorists and bystanders into a deep panic, residents of the community has reacted to the development.

Recall that InsideMainland earlier reported the incident which was confirmed by Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) with emergency services currently ongoing at the scene.

Reacting to the development, a resident, Comrade Adebayo Baba the train involved in the accident was in a bad condition. “Looking at the train that just derailed, I feel bad and my heart just sank. Imagine the look itself. The train is very old and outdated. I wonder why we are still using this kind of train in this country. We need help,” he said.

He continued saying; “The hardest part of train transport system is the rail and we have rails laid already while work continues in other parts. I just hope that now that an accident just occurred, someone will turn up to work and remember the coaches are old including the engine.”

Corroborating Adebayo, another resident, Ola Rasheed  said; “Majority of the trains are superannuated and obsolete. There should have been an agreement between the NRC body and Federal Government in order to bring in new ones.”

“It takes time for our government to take action but I am glad no live was lost in the accident,” he added.



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