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#DukeOfSomolu: Mo Abudu’s ‘CHIEF DADDY’ – an extravagant waste of time

Just came out of the cinema after enduring a heart rendering show case of crass incompetence as displayed by MO Abudus latest offering – Chief Daddy.

The offering try as it may could not rise from the cess pit of mediocrity only exciting the very little ones who in their chewing gum years would laugh at anything thrown at them.

Mo has shown that access to tremendous resources doesnt in itself ensure quality work. The absurdity and stupidity shown in this work can only be compared to the imbecilic charade that follows the village drunk as he meanders around the village stripped of all shades of dignity.

The ensemble cast made up of such greats like Taiwo Obileye, RMD, Nkem Owoh to name a few confuse me with their acceptance to play in such a stupendously vacous production and continues to beat all forms of reasons.

I think Mo should take a rest after this nauseous outing and allow the space for true practitioners instead of continuing to use her clout to force herself to the front row starving true talents of much needed funds and churning out such artistic perfidy as what i have just seen.

As I walk out of the hall, all I can say is to mutter under my breath this immortal words – mshewww

Wondering if I can ever get a refund😡😡😡



Idris Aina
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