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#DukeOfSomolu: Bobby Brown didn’t recognise The Duke

So i drove into the Beats Fm studios venue of my interview with the great Olisa Adibua. I was plugging my upcoming play, OBA ESUGBAYI and was booked to be interviewed by the great man himself.

As i entered the compound, i noticed a lot of movement which was not usual. I simply minded my business and went up for my interview.

Olisa hadnt come yet and i had a beautiful chat with Simi. Simply sexy and brilliant OAP.

After the chat, i went downstairs and there it happened.

He was brown in colour, fresh and boyish handsome. At first it didnt hit me thinking it was one of these numerous boys going around mimicking Americans but then our eyes locked.

Two kindred spirits. Two souls lost in the world of women and perfidy. We stared at each other for a minute that looked like years. Something in him must have told him he had met me before and likewise.

And then it hit me. BOBBY BROWN. the legendary lothario, the global symbol for notoriety, the real and authentic bad boy. The one who had turned his world into a world of drugs booze and women. My all time mentor topping the list of all that represents madness to me.

Nothing hit him. He just kept staring at me. Only God knows what would have been going on in his mind. Who is this mother fucker staring at me. The fool looks hungry with his gaunt look, feel like giving him a sucker punch but then again the nigger looks vaguely familiar. Wish i could give him a dollar looks so hungry. He must have been musing.

Kai, meanwhile i had stopped breathing and sweat was all over me. Shaking and about to scream like a star struck teenager staring at Michael Jackson. Now i understand why they faint.

I was 49, i wont faint for this fool but i had other emotions i could not understand as we continued to stare at each other.

The others in the group Bell Biv Devoe noticed the entranced state of their boy and asked what was wrong. He couldn’t explain but just held my stare.

And then it broke. He walked away, lighting a cigarette and wondering where he must have met me.

It must have been in hell. It must have been when we were taking instructions from the black satan who must have sent us to this earth tortured souls in a confused and meaningless state to wander around aimlessly without a purpose but with confounding talent misunderstood but loved. Contradictions that transcend our folly.

As i lay to sleep, i see his eyes again and the sadness it conveyed touching me and making me want to say a prayer for him.

Going to watch him this night and will attempt once again to break the cordon to at least say a word to him. My brother

Duke of Shomolu
What was that?🤞🏿🤐



Idris Aina
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