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IN IGBOGBO: Residents groan over alleged incessant ‘harassment’ by Police

Residents of Igbe and adjoining communities in Igbogbo, Ikorodu, Lagos Mainland has aired their displeasure on the incessant harassment alleged to committed by men of the Lagos State Police Command deployed to the community.

According to the residents, the policemen, who are usually in groups of three and four, were fond of intimidating and extorting money from petty traders, drivers and commercial motorcycle riders in the area. The residents added that they usually operate between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm daily.

Speaking on the development, a resident, Ayo Akerele, told Punch that the residents of the communities had always been having issues with policemen who extort money from traders.

According to him, road users around the hours when the policemen operate are tired of the developments as some of the security operatives often wear plain clothes and not fully kitted in the Police uniforms.

He added that a soldier once challenged the policemen when he was going to Igbogbo from Laara, stressing that the soldier was surprised to see the high level of molestation they were subjecting the residents to in order to extort money from them.

“The policemen on this road are an embarrassment to the Nigeria Police Force. They do not stay long on the road; they often come around 7:00 pm and leave around 9: 0 pm; and sometimes, they leave before 9:00 pm.

“They only come when the market men and women are going home. And at this time too, they know that there will be many commercial motorcyclists on the road and that makes it easier to extort money from them” he said.

He added that; “When two motorcycle riders were killed on this road, these people were not there to stop it. We do not see their usefulness here. They are only here to intimidate and collect money from petty traders.”

Another resident, Felix Ben, said if they were truly policemen, they would stay longer than two hours or run shifts with other policemen. “Many atrocities are being committed on this Igbe Road. We have not felt the effect of any police presence in any of these communities. I don’t really think these guys are policemen.

“If they are, why can’t they stay beyond these hours and run shifts with those who will do night? I still doubt if they are policemen,” he said.

Commenting on the development, the Police Public Relations Officer in Lagos, CSP Chike Oti, asked for the location of the areas so that he could make necessary contacts regarding the activities of the policemen.



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