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Christmas Celebration: Cheers as Santa visits Ajegunle community with love

Residents, community leaders, and many others were filled with cheers and smiles when ‘Santa in Ajegunle’, an inspiring event dedicated to helping those in need happened in the community.

The event which happens once in a year in the slum community of the Lagos Mainland helps to hand gift items, food hampers among other things to residents of the community.

According to the convener of ‘Santa in Ajegunle’, Amaka Nwosisi this year’s edition was a huge success as usual with the turnout was overwhelming. Beneficiaries including the children had joy on their faces when they received a gift from Santa which they considered unbelievable.

“We take a lot for granted and that is why a few people still do not understand the importance of such activities. A small pack of jollof rice means more than you know. A small bag of rice is diamond and a party pack made up of one toy, sweets and snacks makes the children go to bed happy.

“Going to Ajegunle on a hot Saturday afternoon is not a better alternative to resting on my bed in an air-conditioned room watching my favourite TV programme,” Amaka wrote in a blog post.

She continued saying; “Knowing that hundreds of families will not go to bed hungry even if it’s for one day is a reward. Watching the children dance and cheer and sing is a beautiful gift.

“Charity is not an option it is a must. The government will never be able to do it all and so people like you and I must rise to the occasion.

“Someone said we should have focused on sanitation instead. While I agree I must point out that there’s no proper refuse dump system in that neighbourhood and certainly no drainage system.”

She added that: “Refuse or drainage system in that area is a major project that will run into millions and even billions of naira. It’s no easy task.  There’s a canal right there with a makeshift bridge built by the locals. At this point, I ask “where’s our government?”

“Then some say “Why display charity online and make it public?” It is for the world to see and possibly help.

“A trip to a Nigerian slum will make you more grateful because you will be silly not when you see the joy that locals display.

“It’s easy to sit pretty at home or in our offices and cringe at the “beautiful” (yes I’m being sarcastic) sites and do absolutely nothing.

“Ever wondered what would happen if we all folded our arms and watched from a distance?”

Amaka concluded saying; “Sometimes I shed a tear or two when people throw shades just because I reach out for assistance. Yes I am an official beggar for the poor and it is without regrets. This year the funds were low and we had more families and children. So it was quite chaotic as we had to tactically distribute what we had.

“Love Angels Charity Foundation appreciates the two corporate giants that sponsored this year’s event; MTN Nigeria and Greenlife Pharmaceuticals Limited. Day by Day and Funbact soaps by Greenlife will go a long way at ensuring cleanliness at least in homes. Bathing soap is a luxury to some but some of us may never know this.

“To the individuals who donated to this cause, May your pockets never run dry. We keep praying for the day when our country will get it right and take care of Its citizens. Till then the job is for you and I to do.”



Idris Aina
Idris is a media and communications professional with keen attention to details. An entertainment enthusiast, he is an ardent fan of the team from the Red Side of Manchester with love for football banters. He tweets with the handle @arlomah.