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Harassment: #YabaMarch yielding immediate result

The viral protest march by courageous women against the sexual harassment and derogatory remarks from traders especially men in the Yaba and Tejuosho markets which held over the weekend is finally yielding the desired result.

Recall that the women under the name, Market March gathered to protest the incessant touching, invasion of personal space, forceful pulling and insults given to visitors of the market by the traders on Saturday, December 15, 2018.

At the time, the protesters became the cynosure of all eyes during the march carrying placards with various inscriptions written on them like ‘Not Your Color’, ‘You Sef No Sabi Greet Your Aunty’, ‘No Be By Force To Buy’ among others.

Meanwhile, the protest appears to have yielded the result as ladies who recently visited the Yaba market testifies to the new approach adopted by the male traders.

A Twitter user, Janey Baby who thanked convener of the march tweeted saying; “Oh. Went through Yaba today with my sister. As usual Yaba men started approaching us “buy jeans, buy shirt”. Then one of them stopped & said “no touch them oh” then they stayed away. Fam, the feeling was so good , I almost shed a tear!! Thank you everyone.”

Another user, Talade Blackie corroborated Janey in her post saying; “Almost the same thing happened to me yesterday. I even purposely went sef. I really didn’t need to buy anything but I was like, lemme see what would happen. The closest thing to a catcall I got was, thank you fine girl. And that was for helping the seller look for change.”

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