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How street sweeper miraculously cheated death in Obanikoro accident

A street sweeper attached to the Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA), Mrs. Olabisi Ijelu has narrated how she miraculously cheated death during the auto accident that occurred at the usually busy Obanikoro end of Lagos Mainland yesterday, Thursday, December 13, 2019.

Recall that InsideMainland reported the accident that occurred after men of the Nigerian Customs Service engaged some suspected smugglers in a hot chase along Ikorodu road.

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During the hot chase, a ghastly accident occurred at the popular Obanikoro bus stop when one of the cars conveying the products sustained a busted tyre while on top speed, somersaulting in the process. Motorists and other onlookers were left stunned as the vehicle somersaulted multiple times before landing by the side of the road on the expressway.

Speaking to InsideMainland on how she miraculously survived the accident, Mrs. Ijelu narrated that fate smiled on her when she left the scene seconds before the incident occurred. “I was lucky because of my biro I left in my sack by the side of the road,” she said.

Narrating the incident she stated that; “Before resuming duty every day, there is a mini-station where we sign the attendance every day. I was already at my duty post (Obanikoro bus stop) and I left my sack there to go sign the attendance.

“When I got there, I realised I was not holding a biro and the person who signed before me had taken the only one left on the attendance register. I checked for my purse because I was sure I kept a biro there but realised I left it in the sack.”

She continued saying; “I immediately rushed to where I left the sack because I had my money kept in the purse. I couldn’t wait to start searching for the purse inside the sack on the main road so I carried it (sack) and made my way to the mini-station to sign the attendance.

“I only left the scene less than a minute when I heard a loud bang. When I took a closer look, I noticed a car had somersaulted spilling its content on the road.

“If not because I needed a biro or I decided to take my sack to leave the main road, I would have resumed duty sweeping that particular spot where the incident occurred. I am thankful to God for sparing my life.”

She however urged motorists to drive with caution when plying major roads adding that quite a number of street sweepers had lost their lives while others sustained varying degrees of injuries during to reckless driving by motorists.



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