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Mainland residents attack EKEDC for ‘fraudulent’ estimated billing

Residents of some communities on the Lagos Mainland have aired their displeasure on the estimated billing system adopted by power distribution company, Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) saying the process is fraudulent.

Some of the residents who took to social networking site, Twitter, to call out the company argued that they have continued to be charged more bills even after allowing the technical team of the company conducts a load inventory to determine their power usage.

According to a resident, Deolu Boss, the entire process is skewed only to favour the power distribution company. “The load inventory based billing is premised on a 25 day month assumption that there is power supply 24 hours and the appliances are used 24 hours daily. This, in Nigerian reality, is impracticable and the act is outrightly fraudulent,” he tweeted.

Another resident, Latunji posted saying; “I have an old meter in my house. It tells me how much electricity I use. Yet you (EKEDC) estimate me five times my consumption, based on load inventory. The inventory assumes I used my television every time there is power. However, I’ve not used your power to watch my TV in two months.

“Load inventory only estimates the load you have the capacity to consume. It does not in any way estimate the load you actually consume. A load inventory cannot tell if I’m in the house to actually consume when you manage to supply power.”

He added that; “Why do a load inventory when there’s probably a meter with which you can establish a base, and estimate properly going forward? Load inventory is a farce, it doesn’t take into consideration whether you use the appliance or not.”

Similarly, another resident, Nwachimere stated that “a load inventory was done in my case and net arrears cleared but it started going up again and nothing has been done about it. The least I have received this year is 12000 for a month. Please stop this. I don’t know if I should call it legal extortion.”

He was corroborated by Habeeb who tweeted that; “The estimation as it is currently done is fraudulent whether @NERCNG approved or not. You can check this by measuring 1) Actual consumption. I do not and cannot use over 800KWH in my flat. 2) Disparity between metered n unmetered bills on the same property with similar consumption.”

Replying to the claims, the company in a series of tweets stated that once a load inventory has been conducted on any apartment, the “bills received are as accurate as they can be.”

Meanwhile, the EKEDC however concluded saying; “Kindly visit our district office handling your area to request for a load inventory of your residence to help with the bills you speak of.”



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